Nicolas Gueusquin is more than a brand, it is a tribute to the talented local man of the same name who applies his passion for the wine and its terroir to produce delicious, expressive cuvées, each with their own unique style.
Nicolas Gueusquin graduated from the higher national school of agronomics, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique (ENSA), in Dijon in 1991 and completed his studies with an MBA at the Ecole Supérieure in Reims in 1992. His early career took him to Paris where he worked for 9 months at the UNCAA (Union Nationale des Coopératives Agricoles d'approvisionnements – France’s national union of purchasing cooperatives). From 1993 to 1994, he changed direction to work in viticulture funding at the Banque Populaire Lorraine Champagne.
Finding himself drawn to the champagne business as a whole, from production to sale, he decided to set up his own company - Les Roches Blanches – in Dizy in 1994. It was first in this tourist village on the banks of the River Marne, and now in Oiry at the entrance to the Côte des Blancs, that he chose to make his different cuvées, currently numbering 6, under his own brand name.